Player Origins and the Grassroots Game

My team. Our game.

For better or worse, football's gone global. To be honest, this was always the case. But, since TV money and foreign billions flooded the English game and the Premier League era evolved, the repercussions have led many to believe this swash of dosh is killing the grassroots game.

We decided to put this hypothesis under investigation; by looking at the teams up and down the country and the players that proudly don the shirt - week in, week out - we aim to spot trends and patterns in Premier League player recruitment. The myth being that, as time goes on, clubs bring in foreign players at a snip at the expense of the, er, more expensive English talent (£20m for Glen Johnson, anyone?) on offer.

This is the first stage in a series of data visualisations. Looking at the start of season 2014/15, we've listed and mapped every Premier League club and every senior player we could possibly find to map where players come from and ascertain which clubs are truly committed to grassroots player development. Are clubs more likely to pick up a bargain in New Zealand or Newcastle? We tried to find out.

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